October 31, 2010

Weekly Work - Random Characters

Instead of doing a bunch of sketches this week, I decided to practice drawing characters. I had planned to do one character each day, but, like always, I missed a few days.

These started out as gesture drawings that eventually grew into full characters. As I drew them, I started thinking of a back-story for each of them to help solidify the image I wanted in my head. I tried to be as free and loose as possible when making these characters, and it turned out to be more fun than I expected.

Since I enjoyed doing these more than forcing myself to do sketches each day, I'm considering just doing my weekly updates in this sort of style...

October 24, 2010

Weekly Sketches 2

Second week of sketches. Missed a couple days, and mainly did just solitary characters or studies this time.

October 19, 2010

Weekly Sketches 1

So, a couple weeks ago, I resolved to draw sketches every day, to ensure that I would be drawing every day. They're meant to be both warm-up and practice, allowing me to doodle something loose or brush up on some drawing skills before getting to more serious stuff. Also, I've been hoping to use them as a way force me to "finish" stuff, or accept rough drawings as finished, since I have a tendency to overwork pieces.

I wanted to update at the end of each week with a collection that week's sketches, but unfortunately, I missed a few days, so this update will contain two week's worth of sketches.

-Images in descending order go from new to old, oldest sketch at the bottom-

Fantasy Character Classes

This piece was drawn as a more "normal" portfolio piece, since it's not connected to any story, and just simply shows the kind of characters I can draw. Here, I illustrate the classic fantasy character classes, Warrior-Rogue-Mage, with both male and female versions included. It will be part of a series of works I plan to make, showing the characters I can make in different time periods and settings.