December 19, 2012

Digital Landscape Final

Final painting for the Digital Landscape class I took this term. Had fun with this one and learned a lot! The assignment asked for a giant creature interacting with a city, so I designed some deep-sea-monstrosity type things to fly around in the sky and spray nuclear-acidic-flame breath everywhere.

Costume Design Projects

Final renderings for my Costume Design final.  Gothic Architecture/Baroque Patterning inspired princess, with three different costumes, reflecting different aspects of her story--the first as a sheltered girl, the second as an adventurer experiencing the world, and the final as an experienced ruler.

Also, here is my midterm project from that class.  A sort of woodland-ambassador type character who mediates the relationship between the stone city and mystic forest, wearing a uniform given to him by the city but accessorized with forest garb.

Finally, here's some of the better costume paintings I did in-class this term.

December 11, 2012

Devil May Cry Viscom Finals

Finals for my Devil May Cry-in-an-eastern-setting Viscom project!  The assignment involved developing keyframes for a potential cinematic that would involve two characters in the story, so I created a story in which Vergil attempts to rescue a potential love interest from a cult leader, bent on gaining power through demonic sacrifices.

"Cult Leader"